Can Minoxidil Help Grow Your Beard?

In the beard has become a staple of manly appearance. In a recent article published by Cosmos Magazine (an award winning magazine) claimed, that women found a beard higher in attractiveness than compared to men with clean shaven faces. While there are some claims that the reason for this difference may be due to evolution or cultural influence. There's no denying that a clean well-groomed beard can make a world of difference in a man's appearance.  

With this in mind, there is no surprise why the beard growth industry has exploded into a multi-million dollar industry in a matter of a few short years. Within this industry a question has emerged of an ingredient called Minoxidil. There are many reddit communities and facebook communities that are huge advocates for the amazing growth effects that minoxidil has on beard growth. While other communities are not convinced. 

From my research, the simply answer is it depends. Minoxidil Has had success in a lot of cases to help activate those dormante beard hair follicles. In other cases, minoxidil won't be able to go against genes, age, and a poor diet but I would argue that it's worth a try. There are hundred of thousands of men claiming on Youtube, blog posts, and social media that minoxidil has worked for them. So if you're struggling with beard growth, I would suggest giving minoxidil beard products a genuine try.